If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Vaping | The Daily Show

Publikuar 8 Nën 2019
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With marketing that seems strategically targeted to teens, the rise of vape pens and e-cigarettes has young people addicted and schools scrambling to curb students’ habits. #TheDailyShow #IfYouDontKnowNowYouKnow
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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
  • Taco Taco

    Taco Taco

    7 orë më parë

    Trevor Noah is literally foreign interference. He needs to be silenced. He also is a racist and "Joked" about hitting a person with Downs syndrome. Disgusting human

  • Secure Administrator

    Secure Administrator

    7 orë më parë

    I quit smoking with vaping. I quit vaping with smoking. Life saved. Thanks Phillip Morris.

  • Jason Kirk

    Jason Kirk

    8 orë më parë

    Kandypens are thc I thought

  • Nava BlessedOne

    Nava BlessedOne

    8 orë më parë

    I think Trevor Noah should run for president. Your ideas are on point, logical and you're realistic. #trevorforpresident.

  • Chris Soez

    Chris Soez

    8 orë më parë

    Been a huge fan since you started. This was just piss poor reporting. Missed the mark by miles...

  • RockBandRS


    8 orë më parë

    I'm still confused on whether or not this effects other types of vaping. Marijuana is only legal medicinally in my state, but the approved diagnoses don't include anxiety. Anxiety meds put me to sleep, so I vape THC. Menthol and mint are 2 flavors I'd definitely not want to use.

  • riot gg

    riot gg

    9 orë më parë

    bRo CaN i HiT yOuR jUuL oNe TiMe BrO pLeAsE bRo JuSt OnCe

  • Ms D

    Ms D

    10 orë më parë

    I vape and I love it. The tobacco companies are losing money because more people are trying to Quit Smoking. This is why the tobacco companies are making it a 'bad' thing to do.

  • Amauris’ Wax World

    Amauris’ Wax World

    10 orë më parë

    Vaping is for pussies. I torch my dabs

  • S Boy

    S Boy

    11 orë më parë

    “Take those doors off expeditiously” 😂😂

  • LoLAirelz2


    11 orë më parë

    It’s weird how he did a whole segment called if you didn’t know now you know but he clearly has no idea what he’s talking about.

  • Søren VA

    Søren VA

    11 orë më parë

    Dude let adults vape. Tobacco tastes like shit. Why would anyone wanna vape on a garbage flavour

  • Proudly Kenyan

    Proudly Kenyan

    11 orë më parë

    Vape Sensors```?? Damn!

  • Thelma N'Kenda-Bikoumou

    Thelma N'Kenda-Bikoumou

    11 orë më parë

    I love cabbage 😂😂

  • K8Nicole


    12 orë më parë

    Juul does not represent the intire vaping industry.

  • Shutta Fuggup

    Shutta Fuggup

    12 orë më parë

    It's so difficult dealing with my addiction to Cabbage. 😭

  • Cheerioss -

    Cheerioss -

    12 orë më parë

    Vaping isn’t addictive.

  • Lord Beerus

    Lord Beerus

    13 orë më parë

    Trevor Noah deserves to be beaten



    13 orë më parë

    Trevor why have I never heard you say anything anti-tobacco? Considering it's the biggest killer in the world .but u rather make a video on vaping .something that literally helps millions stop smoking



    13 orë më parë

    How much did they pay u to say this shit??



    13 orë më parë

    I'm literally vaping tropical mango right now tsek trevor



    13 orë më parë

    Countless teens have been saved from smoking cigs. Long live vaping



    13 orë më parë

    Really trevor your poes do u not like flavors mybru?? I suppose u only like still water cos according to your logic flavored cool drinks is only for kids?same thing



    13 orë më parë




    13 orë më parë

    Eish trevor mxm FDA already stated all sicknesses was not from nictoine vapes. And Juul is not in the same boat as the vaping industry as they were bought out by big tobacco and then complied with the flavor ban so that they can own the entire market. Your poes trevor for this kak news. As u should know all laatijies will smoke something let them rather vape.PLUS I dont know one adult that doesnt vape a flavor only a real freak is like oh yeah I vape tobacco flavor mxm tsek we all vaping leka flavors

  • Abhimitra Karreddula

    Abhimitra Karreddula

    13 orë më parë

    I haven't tried one yet, in India, are they good? kind of expensive, a cigarette is only Rs 15 while an E - Cig is Rs 1000? I don't smoke, not a smoker, but I like flavors and buzz, wt u got?

  • Sivuyile Dlamini

    Sivuyile Dlamini

    13 orë më parë

    Juul should come to South Africa😂

  • Pneuton


    13 orë më parë

    ok boomer

  • QeKXPfrMl3


    14 orë më parë

    Didn't some kid have his lungs replaced after vaping?

  • Kathryn Argiro

    Kathryn Argiro

    14 orë më parë

    This story is a big load of crap. More propaganda for the Fake News Machine, we call American News. The big scare about e-cigarettes is completely blown out of proportion. Relax, everybody. Seriously. As someone who has Vaped for 9 years, I can tell you. It is a perfectly safe option and preferred alternative to smoking cigarettes.

  • redpill nation

    redpill nation

    14 orë më parë

    the government truly cares about us. this couldnt have anything to do with payoffs by cigarette companies.

  • Luna G

    Luna G

    14 orë më parë

    First time in a long time I'm disappointed in you. Vaping has been around for a long time and it wasn't an issue but all of a sudden it's becoming more popular than smoking...NOW it's a huge problem. I'm 30 and love the flavours. Juul is deffo a problem but this made it seem like all vaping is horrible. Who cares... alcohol is and they market to kids for sure.

  • Ryan Edwards

    Ryan Edwards

    14 orë më parë

    This feels like shilling

  • Shivar Singh

    Shivar Singh

    14 orë më parë

    It's the kid's fault, nobody elses

  • Hot Mezz

    Hot Mezz

    15 orë më parë

    Wow something's not Trumps fault.

  • Erin Thesystem

    Erin Thesystem

    16 orë më parë

    Aren't you supposed to present an ID to purchase these things? Regardless of real-world practice (i.e., kids'/teens' ability to obtain them), shouldn't the issue be moot if this is already illegal? Is there some way to protect kids without punishing adults who are using a legal product- which, for some of us, HAS been better than smoking cigarettes? And should Juul be representative of vaping in general, or is Juul just Juul?? ~ I just don't want vaping to be ruined by the bad actions of this company, or to be outlawed entirely because it's being used illegally in the first place.

  • Yassir Murillo

    Yassir Murillo

    16 orë më parë

    To be fair... I'm 28 and I do like Moana

  • Iamasniperrifle


    16 orë më parë

    He’s funny when he doesn’t talk about politics

  • Flappy Protuberance

    Flappy Protuberance

    16 orë më parë

    Why would anyone be surprised they make them taste like candy and fruit exactly? Nobody would buy spinach or BBQ flavored fluid. That'd be gross. Never found Noah all that funny to begin with anyway.

  • Dragons Breath

    Dragons Breath

    16 orë më parë

    So why don't we go after smoking too? If you ban ecigs ban cigarettes too. we'd save an extra 480,000 people yearly. I wonder how much cigarette companies invest in anti vaping ads I don't even vape anymore but if people can smoke cigarettes then they should vape too we know all the risks for cigarettes yet people still smoke them without the same backlash that vaping gets

  • Error


    17 orë më parë

    Boomer humor

  • Danny Glover

    Danny Glover

    19 orë më parë

    Jesus Christ it's the only way

  • Kyleigh Hemmingson

    Kyleigh Hemmingson

    19 orë më parë

    I vape cbd for my pain condition making it so I dont have to take prescribed pain meds that are expensive, harmful to your brain and liver, and with pain meds you have to take them constantly or you get severe symptoms from withdrawl.
    But yeah dont bring up any of that.. or illegal cartridges, or people that use then to quit smoking.
    And I love the fruity flavors are you going to want to ban all sweet liquor flavors too cause those appeal to kids.. oh you arent?

  • C4Cintron


    20 orë më parë

    You gotta eat the lettuce

  • EkelundDK


    21 orë më parë

    Stick to stand up, man. Vaping saves lives.

  • odisy64


    21 orë më parë

    this dude tries really hard to be funny

  • Qwax Payne

    Qwax Payne

    21 orë më parë

    Is it weird if I kept thinking throughout the video how Trevor might of had a nasty taste of cabbage

  • el solo

    el solo

    21 orë më parë

    let the kids smoke

  • Tammy Forbes

    Tammy Forbes

    22 orë më parë

    Better then the crack we smoked in the 80’s and 90’s 😂

  • Capuc!ne Chaussonpassion

    Capuc!ne Chaussonpassion

    22 orë më parë

    Wtfff testing children for nicotine or taking away their toilets doors ???? Just let them smoke at this point this is so oppressive

  • Johnny Vanausdal

    Johnny Vanausdal

    22 orë më parë

    Very inaccurate.

  • Postal268


    23 orë më parë

    1 I like how they are saying they took their marketing from big tobacco while showing ads from vape companies who are owned and run by big tobacco. 2 no one ever says anything about flavored alcohol. 3 want to stop teens from vaping then just ban the pod based systems, not the open systems. No teen is going to go buy a mod, tank, tools so they can build their own coils, and replace the cotton every other day. Not to mention the open systems are larger and more bulky so hiding it is far more difficult. Don't punish everyone because you aren't a good enough parent to watch your kids. Reminds me of the parents in the 90's trying to ban violent video games.
    PS: The passed out kid was defiantly hitting something stronger than nicotine lol I'd say I was vaping too if I was passed out in the bathroom from doing hard drugs

  • Rexr Gaming

    Rexr Gaming

    23 orë më parë

    Hate to break it to you but that kid that passed out was “juuling” heroine

  • Papa Milfz

    Papa Milfz

    23 orë më parë

    This ruins the product for people that are legal and actually like the candy flavors 😭😭😭😭

  • range 10

    range 10

    Ditë më parë

    Omg e Sig's omg why don't you worry about shootings murders or mental health stupid

  • seven.


    Ditë më parë

    No mention of the illegal THC Cartridges?

  • Ryan McHugh

    Ryan McHugh

    Ditë më parë

    This is why I unsubscribed from this BS - Vaping is MUCH MUCH safer that smoking ciggs.
    How many people have died from Vaping in total?
    How many people die from smoking every day?
    I'll wait...

  • Jose Figueroa

    Jose Figueroa

    Ditë më parë

    Judging by the crap adults drink (pumpkin flavored lattes and white claw ) don’t think it’s fair to say flavored e-cigarettes are not aimed at adults

  • J K

    J K

    Ditë më parë

    Won't get addicted to cabbage? Have you had southern smothered cabbage?

  • Discord Discord

    Discord Discord

    Ditë më parë

    Arent there advertising restrictions on cigarette and tobacco?
    In India you cannot advertise any alcohol or cigg in any manner.
    So they advertise CDs and Sodas. 🤣